Christine Mugimba

Director, ICT & Research, UCC @ Uganda Communications Commission

Christine Mugimba


Christine Mugimba is the Director of ICT and Research at Uganda Communications Commission. She has broad knowledge and expertise in Communications Regulation accumulated over 19 years in the areas of Quality of Service, Spectrum Management, Research and Development, and Innovation Promotion.

Participating Talks

Panel Discussion Three: On the Road to Digital Transformation: Is Uganda Ready?

The panel shall discuss the steps that have been taken so far in an effort to digitize Uganda. These include Government initiatives such as digitally enabled public service delivery and other legislative/ regulatory measures such as the NIISP. The panelists shall also address the challenges and gaps in implementing such initiatives and policies. These include low levels of digital literacy, limited internet coverage and low levels of digital inclusion in the country. Panelists will identify ways in which these issues can be rectified.