Marcella Karekye

Director @ Government Citizen Interaction Centre (Chair)

Marcella Karekye


Her professional background includes working as an Acquisitions Editor, for the World Bank, Washington DC (May 2005) and as a senior editor, and business development head with Fountain Publishers Limited. While working for the two entities, her duties included copyediting, evaluation of manuscripts, proofreading, advising on style, analysing and improving business processes based on research and trends, among others. Karekye has a bachelor of Arts in Publishing (Hons), with emphasis on editorial techniques and management marketing for publishing, creative writing, typographic design and desktop publishing from Oxford Brookes University Oxford (2001-2004). She also exudes experience in business administration after completing a masters degree in Business Administration from ESAMI (2010-2012). Her Major concentration has been on editorial techniques, editorial management, marketing for publishing, creative writing for publishing, production and contexts of contemporary publishing. She has also worked at Head of Children’s Division/Business Development Manager- Fountain Publishers Ltd, Kampala – Uganda involved in coming up with new proposals that would create more revenue for the firm and also make sure we are up-to-date with the new technological and market trends for our industry.

Participating Talks

Breakout Session 3: Unlocking Uganda’s Green Economy through SMEs: The use of Impact Investment and Technology to Combat Climate Change

This panel shall explore how the financial institutions, and policy makers can incentivize SMEs to adopt the use of green technologies