Uganda Law Society (ULS)

The Uganda Law Society (ULS) is an association of lawyers charged with ensuring high levels of professionalism among lawyers in Uganda.

The Institution is headed by Simon Peter Kinobe who is the current president.

The Organisation overseas set standards as well as maintain the utmost professionalism in the legal.

Strategic Goal is to promote Efficient Legal Service Delivery to ensure Access to Justice and Observance of the Rule of Law for Positive Social Transformation.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote members’ professional development and ethical conduct.
  • To contribute to upholding and promoting the rule of law in Uganda.
  • To strengthen the institutional capacity of the ULS to become a modern Bar Association.


  • To Develop a Skilled and Empowered Legal Profession in Execution of its Statutory Mandate to Foster and Improve Access to and Administration of Justice as well as Good Governance in Uganda.


  • To be a Proficient Bar Association in Fostering Access to Justice, the Rule of Law and Good Governance in Uganda.